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Does any body have experience of the above engine? It=E2=80=99s the AD2 model. I=E2=80= =99ve just acquired one and know nothing about it. It runs for a few seconds then dies.= I want to run it on veg oil some time in the future when I have cleaned it up and got it A1 co= ndition. It has new piston rings but missing the engine cowl that feeds cold air aroun= d the cylinder head. Also are there any web sites that could help me out. =

Many thx, Ian

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Strange, in my (limited) experience with diesels, starting is usually the difficult bit with any engine which is not quite up to scratch. About the only thing I can think of is fuel starvation - is there a filter which could be blocked, vent hole in filler cap clear etc etc, all obvious stuff really.

BTW. C-V is still going and had a web site

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though I don't know if they still support older models.

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Nick H

Air and a small leak in the fuel line is my bet


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn

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