scrap lister engine

On saturday morning, i went to help a young lad and his grandad who i
met at the malpas yesteryear rally last year, with their very unusual
lister. Its a hopper cooled single flywheel J type. My phone rang while
i was lifting out the piston, i almost did'nt answer it, but boy im
glad i did. It was my friend pete said he had intersepted his neighbour
on his way to the scrap yard, he said on his pickup was a lister engine
and asked if i wanted it at scrap price. I reply'ed whatever it is dont
let him scrap it! so i bought it over the phone, by the time i got home
it was to late to go and have a look at it. So i arranged to collect it
today (sunday). As he pulled the pickup out of the gloom of his
garage, i was greeted by the sight of a hopper cooled lister m type. I
quickly payed the man and offloaded it into my van. Upon getting it
home i found its mostly complete, apart from the mag. There is some
frost damage on the cylinder head. It turns freely and the valves move
etc and still sits on its original skids. I have dated it between
1944-1945, that makes it one of the last made. I will post some photos
when i get chance. So another lister joins the A, B, D, J,L, N and ,Q.
I will soon have the full set. :}I must go now and buy pete a case of
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