MAN M6V 40/46 KBB

Can anyone help me with some technical information on the M6V 40/46 KBB engine? I cannot find the displacement , or any more information on this engine

And altso about a scene in Das Boot , the enginers open something that looks like cylinder vents on the engine ( it is running on high RPM's ) and blue flames shoot out.

What purpose does it serv?

Haaken Hveem Norway

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Haaken Hveem
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From a 1911 Fairbanks Morse instruction manual for large vertical engines. "Test or relief valves are provided near the top of each cylinder, by means of which the explosion chamber may be vented to the atmosphere when turning engine over by hand, and which may be opened when engine is running to test strength and regularity of the explosions in each cylinder."

Haven't tried it yet in the 50 hp. type RE F-M my brother and I get to maintain and run but it does sound like fun since each cylinder has about 1200 cubic inch displacement.

Regards, Larry Evans

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Larry Evans

The 40/46 designation in MAN engines refers to a bore of 400mm & stroke of 450mm, so with 6 cylinders etc, the displacement..


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