who can offer me some information about CIBA's permanent antistatic additive IRGASTAT P18?

I want to find a kind of permanent antistatic addive to apply to polyolefin injection molding.I had got some basic information from CIBA website,but I need to know more application example of it.Is there anybody has experience in using P 18?Would you please share it with me? Thanks!

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The permanent antistat from Ciba is a buy and resell item in pellet form and very expensive and hygroscopic. Since putting this on the market they have had little suppor for the product. The levels needed are high and the cost is high but as a polymer it is basically alloyed with the polyolefin unlike GMS type antistats which in my opinion are the bread and butter of antistats. Remember regardless of the term permanence the key to all antistats is RH. If you are at 50% RH even the cheapest and least effective product works but the key is RH at

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