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I have had a couple of guys ask me about aluminum fabbing. I know that lots of things that are associated with aluminum are expensive. Mainly, it would be a shear, bender, plasma cutter, and welder. Or welders. I anticipate the need of a good TIG, too.

I have never seen or used a pulsed MIG.

Can someone give me the short description, and tell me if this is what I'd need to do quite a lot of length of aluminum welding?

How do they work? How well do they work? How much do they cost? What are the best brands? How costly are consumables?



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Pulse MIG currently dominates the aluminum boat fab industry. You can weld continuously without all the skip stitching and back stepping. You can weld in any position and when the machine is tuned properly the MIG welds look like TIG welds. The machines are programed with a "black box" mentality. You program in your wire size, wire alloy and gas shield, then all you adjust is the arc voltage to compensate for thickness.

The Lincoln Pulse-on-pulse Power-Migs are amazing to run.

The top machines are made by Lincoln (PowerMIGs) , MK (Cobras and the newer Pythons) and Miller (XR-Edge).

You will go through a lot of tips running in spray mode for heavy plate. Short circuit mode is used for sheet metal.

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