Anyone with overseas shipping experience that can give me some ideas

I've got a potential customer in New Zealand, the item he is interested in
is light but big enough that the shipping cost is based on the "dimensional
weight" by UPS and FedEx. FedEx is the cheapest of the two at $467. This is
for a $200 purchase. Is there any cheaper way to do this that anyone knows
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Try one of the over-the-road shippers. Roadway maybe...
Google "international shipping service" and see who pops up. We used the company that used to be Emory Air Freight, but I don't remember what their name is now off hand...
Regards, Joe Agro, Jr. (800) 871-5022
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Joe AutoDrill
Lane, have you tried USPS? They are not that bad.
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try the post office, much cheaper, specially if you can do the 4-6 week deal
look for 'freight forwarders' or freight consolidators. I have only shipped to europe, and used a shipper[kuhne & nagel] that has a container ship going that way every week.
Lane wrote:
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Per their web page the item is too big for shipping to New Zealand.
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Over the road is a long trip to new zealand.
Otherwise the shipping costs sounds in the ball park. UPS might give you a better rate.
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Lucky Strike
Nope, UPS was a lot more. I was very surprised.
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I have sent a couple of my big anchors to French Polynesia and New Zealand. Try Air New Zealand. They gave me the best price by far but your customer will have to arrange for clearance through customs and pickup and it will take about 5 days. NZ customs rules are really draconian. They grant exclusive monopolies to importers. If a product is available locally they can charge a duty that makes the cost much higher than the local price.
Forget surface freight. Your shipment will be classed as "break Bulk" and sit in San Deago for a month waiting to be consolidated on a container that has extra space and they your customer will have to pay broker's and werehouse fees in addition to the duty when it gets there.
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Glenn Ashmore
OBTW : the USA is draconian just as well - I moved back from overseas and was alerted that my Ultra-Blitz professional strobe light would be picked up by customs unless I had the importer issue me a letter. I wrote and didn't get a howdy from them.
As luck would have it, it didn't happen.
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Martin H. Eastburn
Call BAX GLOBAL for a quote. The are highly competitive on shipments to/from the orient, and I believe that they do Australia and NZ as well (but I'm not sure).
I've had good and cost effective results with them on machinery.
Harry C.
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You might call Federal Express. They bought out one of the freight consolidators, customs brokers, and freight forwarders that were located in Seattle.
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