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hello, I am computer engineer from Nepal. I am currently working on a project about power flow analysis. Now I am having problem with procedure to calculate load flow. By reading some books I have used newton raphson method to calculate voltage drop at different bus of a very simple 5 bus system with no transformer on it. Now the problem is with the calculation of phase angle which is very large about 1000 degree and also negative sometimes . Also the convergence did not occur for large system with about 20 bus.

Again, today boss called me and said, the project which i find quiet confusing.. goes like this, We have to bring power from source to the transformer and from there it is carried by transmission line. At regular interval on transmission line there is node( I think its a bus) from where it goes to the city.Now i have to develop a software which will simulate and give the voltage drop at each node and also need to calculate the maximum voltage that the transformer should give which the load can handle without "Black Out". He says to take data about cable including its length from feedeer and develop software. I am having very big problem with this i want to know the detail step wise procedure to solve it so that i can convert it to programming code.If possible please send me the Algorithm or pseudo code to solve it.

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