Electrical service entrance question

I built a detached backyard garage several years ago with a 200 amp service
entrance fed from its own pole and transformer. There is a disconnect switch
located on the exterior wall that is wired in between the meter and the
inside service panel. I'm now adding an additional workshop area and I want
to power it with its own 100 amp panel. I would like to feed this new panel
through exterior conduit run from the bottom of the existing disconnect
switch so that I will have a common disconnect switch at the meter for the
entire garage. But this means that I will somehow have to splice the wiring
for the new panel to the wiring already leading from the disconnect switch
to the existing 200 amp panel. I've looked in the National Electrical Code
but can't seem to find where this is addressed. Does anyone know if what I
want to do is legal? If not, is there a better way? I no longer have easy
access to add a sub panel inside fed from the existing 200 amp panel. TIA.
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Terry Mayhugh
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YOu don't say if the switch is fused or not or the distances involved, and that can make a difference.
If the switch is un fused, and if that fuse is sized appropriately to protect not just the original conductors, but also the ones you are adding, AND if the switch has lugs with terminations for the additional conductors [ you can not just cram them in to the same terminal with the original conductors], then a qualified yes.
The various tap rules may come into play depending upon distances.
If the switch is not fused, then a qualified no, unless you feed from that switch to a breaker or fused switch, and then feed your conduit..
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probably the size of the box vs amount of conductors in it. Box may be too small.
If you are not running 300 amps at a time, why not a 100 amp breaker and a sub panel? still one shutoff, and now you can shut just the sub off if you want
Terry Mayhugh wrote:
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It is probably not legal to connect an additional 100 amps of service to an existing 200 amp entrance. Check with a local electrician or your lectric utility. Better to be on the legal (and safe) side.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney

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