Meeting Announcement: ECASIA05 Vienna

11th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface
Analysis (ECASIA05) Vienna (Austria), 25th to 30th September 2005.
2nd announcement - Call for abstracts
Dear Colleagues,
The 11th European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface
Analysis (ECASIA05) is going to be held in Vienna, Austria, between the
25th and 30th September 2005. The scientific programme comprises all
aspects of surface and interface analysis in academic and industrial
applications and includes the following topics:
- Metals
- Oxides
- Polymers
- Magnetic materials
- Biomaterials
- Thin films and coatings
- Ceramics
- Catalytic materials
- Micro- and optoelectronics
- Nano- (bio-) materials
- Solid-liquid interfaces
- Surface modification and functionalization
- Corrosion
- Adhesion
- Tribology
- Biomaterials
- Environmetal analysis
- Heritage conservation
- Quantification and data interpretation
- Imaging
- Depth profiling
- Simulation and software
- Technique development
- Standardization
Invited and contributed papers shall be presented during plenary, oral
and poster sessions. Confirmed invited speakers include J.W.
Niemantsverdriet (catalysis, NL), C. Montemagno (nano-bio technology,
US), A. Diebold (microelectronis, US), S. Mueller (surface engineering,
DE), E. Platzgummer (surface modification, A), E, Paparazzo (heritage
conservation, I), M. Kiskinova (chemical imaging, I), D. W. Moon
(quantitative ion beam analysis, KR), S. Ichimura (oxidation, J) and Z.-
J. Ding (simulation of electron beam techniques, CN).
Instrument manufacturers and suppliers of accessories for surface and
interface analysis will present recent developments at an exhibition
during the conference.
For detailed information on the scientific programme, abstract submission
and registration please visit the ECASIA05-homepage at
formatting link
The abstract submission deadline is
1st March 2005.
Looking forward to welcoming you at the ECASIA05 in Vienna,
Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Werner Herbert Stoeri
(chair) (vice chair)
European Conference on Applications of Surface and Interface Analysis
September 25-30, 2005
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria
Chair: Wolfgang SM Werner
formatting link
Scientific Committee
- P. Bauer, Austria
- A. Benninghoven, Germany
- P. Cumpson, United Kingdom
- A. Gonzalez-Elipe, Spain
- I. Gebeshuber, Austria
- A. Jablonski, Poland
- L. Koever, Hungary
- H. Stoeri, Austria
- A. Testoni, USA
- W.S.M. Werner, Austria
- K. Yoshihara, Japan
- P.C. Zalm, The Netherlands
- A. Zalar, Slovenia
Local Organizing Committee
- C. Eisenmenger-Sittner, Social Programme
- G. Friedbacher, Exhibition/Sponsoring
- W. Hofer, IT
- H. Hutter, Exhibition/Sponsoring
- J. Laimer, Treasurer
- M. Marik, Conference Office
- F. Ruedenauer, Proceedings
- W. Smekal, IT
- H. Stoeri, Vice-Chair
- W.S.M. Werner, Chair
Conference Office
Marik Manuela
Technische Universitaet Wien
Institut fuer Allgemeine Physik / E134
Wiedner Hauptstra§e 8-10
A 1040 Wien
Phone: +43 1 58801 13405
Fax: +43 1 58801 13499
e-Mail: ecasia05@iap*tuwien*ac*at
For correct e-mail replies please exchange asterisks (*
) by dots (.) in
all given e-mail addresses
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Christoph Eisenmenger-Sittner
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