Where to buy steel in small quanities?

It's driving me crazy. :/
I've spent years studying tool steels like F2 and O7 for use in
knife blades and can't find any for sale.
At this point I'm not going to be picky, a foot or two of any of
the following... F1, F2, F3, O7, L1, L7 or (non-AISI/SAE listed)
ASM types 231, 350, 355, 414 would be a nice start. :)
I stumbled across the little bit of 50100-B (W7) I have, or I
wouldn't have it either. It's from a Western Cutlery auction.
Other than that the only choices I have are 1095 and O1.
Searching the internet for years and even Thomas Register hasn't
helped a bit.
Specialty steels just aren't advertised or what?
Got any advice at all?
Alvin in AZ (hobby knifemaker)
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Alvin: You can also find a few tool steels as ground flat stock at suppliers such as J&L Industrial Supply,
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Ask your local machine shops to show you some catalogs where they buy their tools!
Pittsburgh Pete
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