13 years of 'thank you' !

It's nostalgia!

There are many ways to get help with stationary engines nowadays, facebook groups, forums, and the like, But it was in 2002, when I came here to the uk. rec. engines.stationary newsgroup to ask for help with my first (and still only) Lister B engine.

It is due to be shown at brede pumping station, 2nd May this year, East Grinstead High Street, 4th May Spa Valley Railway, 7th June and many more events local to Kent.

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable help that I received from this newsgroup, including members still here and others, sadly, that are not with us any more.

I look back through my posts from 2002, 2003, titles such as:-

what bits for a lister b11 (1924)? picture of Lister B11 hopper paint? Lister B Lister B11 Finished!

I see and remember the names, so here is a thank you for all the help for members past and present.

Chris Bedo Kim Siddorn Arthur Griffin Roland and Celia Craven Eric Brain and many more.

I did not have any mechanically minded friends, and it is only due to the help and advice that I received here, that the Lister was saved and restored.

There is a video of it running on youtube...

formatting link

So thanks to you all, who's help has managed to save what may be the only spec 11 version of the Lister B to survive.

The newsgroup may have lost the popularity that it once enjoyed, but how many of us grew in our hobby, and how many engines have been saved because of its existence?

Long live our newsgroup!

Simon M K Taylor.

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Simon Taylor
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