Lego Mindstorms | RCX.NET | SDK 2.0 vs 2.5

RCX.NET can be found at...
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For anyone who's been trying to use RCX.NET to write Lego Mindstorms
controlling programs in Visual Studio .NET, you'll need Lego
Mindstorms SDK 2.0 found at
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I've tried using 2.5 and found I could not reliably control the RCX.
Only 90% of commands were received.
Uninstalled SDK 2.5, rebooted, installed SDK 2.0, rebooted. From then
on 100% of commands were received.
I'm using an RCX 1.0 (with 2.0 firmware installed) perhaps that also
had something to do with the issue.
Hope this helps someone.
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How about some more documntation?
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