LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotic invention 2.0 --- LASM programming

LASM -- LASM subroutine question???
ok.. Newsgroups about LEGO are really hard to find.. Well.. here's my
question If someone reads it and knows the answer.. well that'll be
great.. i'm new to using Mindstorms but i'm not new to programming.. I
first tried RCX.. the basic graphical language meant for kids.. and
for sure, it was damned to simple.. So I tried the spirit.ocx from SDK
1.0.. and it is not compatible with the robotic invention 2.0 because
of the USB IR tower..... GRRRR So, I decided to use phantom.dll.. a
spirit.ocx replacement file.. that doesn't support multitasking.. but
that supports de USB IR Tower... great deal.. SO I finaly tried
MINDSCRIPT & LASM.. mindscript has a rough syntax and the SDK gives
poor documentation on it.. so I turned to LASM since I already knew
how to program ASM... But here is my question.. HOW DO WE MAKE A
SUBROUTINE IN LEGO ASM??? I know how to call it using : CALLS [0-7]
and I know how to get out of the sub using : RETS
but I dont know how to declare BeginOfSub and the SDK documentation is
quiet about it... PLease Help.. please :)
I tried writing (suppose I call sub #1 (CALLS 1) :
1 :
and then my code and then
it did not work!!
i tried just writing
my code
it did not work neither..
i also tried :
sub 1
my code
niet... did not work...
iF YOU know what is the syntax for declaring BeginOfSub than please..
tell me :)
I'll sure write a tutorial when I'll be a master LASM programmer..
cause the internet lacks such info.. Thank u!
Have a nice Christmas time!
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Out of curiosity, why are you programming it in assembly language when things like NQC and leJOS exist?
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Jordan Bradford
Get thee to
formatting link
That is THE hang out for Lego enthusiasts on the web. It's got newsgroups out the ying-yang, and a couple that will answer your question. You'll find out more about programming Mindstorms than you ever imagined existed. There are many more tools than what Lego supplies, created by the online Lego community.
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I'm sure he wants his robot to be as fast as it can be, atleast on the processing side of things. heh.
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LASM (the LEGO firmware assembly language) is slower than leJOS and shouldn't be much faster than NQC (NQC compiles into LASM).
With H8 assembly that would be a different story.
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Juergen Stuber

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