Re: Lego Mindstorms Software 2.0

"Neb Okla" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
How much is it? $25 or so?
jep, very expensive for some kind of upgrade, cause i cannot find any link
where you can order only the cd :(
I do not need additional parts, as i have really enough stuff here.
You know where i could only get the cd ?
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Thomas Kranz
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I thought the $25 was *just* for the CD.
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Note how it says "Pieces: 1"?
$25 seems reasonable to me - since the alternative is to shell out $200 for the full kit.
Or you could pirate it - but Lego has always treated me fairly, so why would anyone else do otherwise - unless they are a psychopath or something.
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Neb Okla

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