Re: Interfacing Compaq iPAQ to outside world

This thread may be long dead, but I have acquired myself a Hp Ipaq 1910.
I also own a palm IIIC which is fairly easily interfaced.
One problem with the 1910 is that it only has a USB activesync cable. I
cannot find a serial one. This makes it pretty hard to interface with
anything except windows. IT also means I cannot install familiar.
It has no PC card ports, just an SD/MMC card slot, which does not support
So does anyone have any idea about adapting a serial lead(to talk with
microcontrollers etc)? Or if the IR channel of this could be interfaced
with the RCX?
Any comments would be much appreciated...
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Danny Staple
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Danny Staple
There is Visual Basic 3.0 for Win Ce. You can download it for free from the Microsoft web site. Hope this helps a bit.
Best regards, Refik Hadzialic
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Refik Hadzialic

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