Protecting a "puck with cable" on the roof from elements

I want to play with a "Garmin 18 LVC" GPS, for the purposes of keeping
extremely accurate clock (sub-millisecond). Garmin 18 LVC is a little
puck with cable coming out of it, that can be used for very precise
For best results, it should be outside, like on the roof or some other
place highly transparent to GPS satellites.
Thusly, it needs to be protected from elements. So, my question is,
what is the cheapest way to do so. I was thinking to just put it in a
glass jar, and caulk all openings. Another possibility is to just
enclose it in a big blob of epoxy. Has anyone tried anything similar?
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Its package is a waterproof enclosure suitable for outdoor use in most applications. You would need to keep snow and ice from accumulating on it.
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Don Foreman
If you don't have a metal roof, just inside your attic may be fine.
But I do believe this unit is outdoor rated?
Personally I'd maybe stick it in a plastic enclosure of some sort for belt-and-suspenders, and mount it somewhere it would be a little cooler than right on the roof.
Peanut butter jar or butter tub as an 'umbrella' to help block driving rain seems reasonable, probably better to let it breathe a bit rather than lock in any moisture that might eventually get into your container.
Blocking UV may be helpful to keep the case from degrading.
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Why so many off-topic posts Ig? I am sure that there are loads of GPS groups out there.
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Vaughn Simon
It's because he's and idiot and wants to feel important by talking about glass jars and caulk mounted to a roof.
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Cydrome Leader
Mason jar sounds good. Is the USB? I have a Delorme LT40 GPS device I use with my laptop. I haven't figured out how to listen to it connected to a USB port.
You must be sniping at the razors edge ;)
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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And you still hope to make me upset, right?
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No. The USB version does not have those precise timekeeping functions. It is a version with bare wires. They need to be connected to 12v power supply and serial port (or parallel)
No, this is actually more work related, I want to play with it before I make any noises at work.
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Aerosol bedliner. $9 per rattle-can
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You may wish to join the Time Nuts reflector. Lots of people restoring and hacking time-related equipment. Many participants are hams.
You may have to accept their certificate, depending on which browser you use. There is no danger, despite the dire blather from the browser.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
Joe, I just subscribed. Thanks a lot.
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If it's for time, it doesn't matter if you have a "good" satellite constellation in view, just that you see at least a few. Put it inside that sunroom thing at the back of your house and it should have an acceptable view as well as be safe from the weather.
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Pete C.

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