Puck Padlock Questions

I'm looking into puck style padlocks like the Master 6270/6271, Trimax
THP1, etc.
My application is an enclosed car trailer with concession style doors
on the left and right and a fold down door in the rear. I would be
using a high security hasp, probably the master unit with the
protective collar and 3 carraige bolt locations per side.
Is the steel bodied lock like the 6270 really better than the 6271 zinc
die cast? Is the die cast more susceptable to hammer blows?
Is there a particular manufacturer that creates a puck lock that holds
up better in the outdoor environment? Or are they all basically the
Is the American 2500 lock with the front keyway really more secure than
the side keyway style of the American 2000, Master, etc?
Is the Mul-T-Lock unit with their patented keyway really worth double
the price of the Master and Trimax units?
Thanks in advance,
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Zinc is more easily drilled than hardened steel.
All pretty much the same.
The 2500 has a hardened steel, free spinning disk in front of the keyway.
Patented keyways are always better if you have a problem with key control, but the Master version is also available with their EDGE™ patented keyways for an additional $9.80 at list price. > Thanks in advance, > > Ryan
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