OK to list a few robotics related items for sale on here ?

I have a few items I need to get rid of, such as USB powered servo controllers, etc., and sometimes it hit-or-miss selling them on eBay. Is it acceptable practice to list them on this board ? I would provide a URL to go to for viewing photos, etc.

Thanks for any feedback ! JCD

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I think it's acceptable practice if the messages start with FS: (for sale), and there aren't a quadrillion of them. I'm not the moderator of this group, and this is just from my observation of previous such for sale messages here.

-- Gordon Author: Constructing Robot Bases, Robot Builder's Sourcebook, Robot Builder's Bonanza

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Gordon McComb

Many thanks for the info! I'll make sure they start with FS: .

I only have a few about items I want to get rid of this way, and should require only about 3 separate posts to list them appropriately.

I'll post them sometime this weekend, if anyone reads this and is interested.

Thanks aga> >

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