Static Electricity on Plastics?

Plastics generally have a bad problem with static electricity, but are there types that perform better than the rest? I've heard acrylic can develop especially bad static.

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Chris S.
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If you are worried about static in your housing you could put your electronics inside one of thoes anti-static bags.

Not sure what plastics they are made of, or if they have some sort of special treament at all. Google might help.

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Matt Dibb

You asked this some time ago, and no one has responded (I think) so I thought I'd just mention that this subject is taken up in my book, Constructing Robot Bases. You are correct that acrylic, out of all the common plastics used in robotics, is especially prone to static build-up. I discourage its use whenever possible, at least for a base material.

All plastics will generate or retain static, and the idea is to minimize the generation considering the material(s) used in your robot's environment. Look at the triboelecric series scale to see how well materials get alone with one another.

-- Gordon Author: Constructing Robot Bases, Robot Builder's Sourcebook, Robot Builder's Bonanza

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