Static grass

So my backordered static grass gun finally came in and I'm about to
start using it. Besides the recent article in MR, anyone have any
experience they would like to share ?
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the OTHER Mike
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Mike, I don't but I'd sure would like to hear your thoughts after you give it a try. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
the OTHER Mike spake thus:
How about trying the electrostatic thingie on your hair first? If you have short hair, it might make a kewl stand-up 'do.
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David Nebenzahl
I tried that but the nail kept pushing too far into my soft skull and i could not get the wire attached...................................
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the OTHER Mike
Ahh... that is where you went wrong (and you let all the hot air escape from your scull)!
No need for nails in the skull. Your body is a conductor (unlike wood or styrofoam on a layout) so all you have to do is to hold the wire in your hand. Your entire body will become electrified and you can apply static grass everywhere. You can use brown grass for the "teddybear" look.
:-) Peteski
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Peter W.
Or to fill in that "combover" so it doesn't look (quite) so ridiculous...
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