Jaws for a Rockwell chuck?

Got a little 5 inch 3 jaw chuck. Marked "Rockwell, Made in USA, 25-870"
All it came with is a set of outside jaws, would like to get a standard set.
Anyone have any good ideas? Googling didn't turn up much, and I'm
not finding any in MSC/J&L/Enco.
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Bill Marrs
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The only way you are going to find them is to match them up at a used machinery dealer or hobby show. I have about 50 sets that I don't know what fit but I can't afford to do measurement survey including backside thread pitch and hope I find a $25.00 sized sale. You are not going to find them in any catalog though it might help to determine who made the chuck. Rockwell surely didn't. Leigh @MarMachine
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I think I have that same chuck, and I don't use it because I also have an 8" 3-jaw for my Rockwell. I'll check tonight, pretty sure I have all the jaws for it. If you don't see email tonight send me a reminder, my address is real.
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Dave Hinz

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