robot navigation/occupancy grid/map "normalize"??


When I scan 180, I get an idea of what area around robot looks like. due to the fact that I take a sonar reading every 10 degrees, I get gaps in obstructions. it will detect a wall at one angle, and not at another. I get a local map that shows obstructed/unobstructed/ obstructed


I want to search through the map and remove these gaps from the walls/obstructions.

before I re-enable line-detections, is there an easy way to do this? I've don'e no research but I think previous research revealed "map pre- processing" or maybe "averaging" which would eliminate gaps in obstructions.

when I search for unexplored cells in the occupancy grid, I can find them. The angle/position that the robot needs to be at to scan that particilar cell can be difficult. short of moving the robot to bump into the 1 cell gap in the wall, what can I do to fix the map before a search?

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