sonar simulator I have working...

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I have crawled around the net and found enough information to get this to work.

simulated floor plan. simulated sonar "beam"

local map is created from scans. do multiple scans and the data is fused to create a decent picture of what is around.

simulator only lets you scan to north in

180 degrees. no code to allow turning the robot.

fun and neat. the logic behind all of this seems to lead to so many more solutions to robotics problems.

I am working on converting all floatingpoint and trig functions to assembly to speed the simulator.

I am using constants for probabilities of obstruction/non obstruction. I give sensor %100 accuracy weight.

next upload will move robot around and map out all unexplored areas. I have this working but it takes a few hours to explore a small map... should get the same performance or maybe 2X increase with real hardware... to simulate sonar alot of math is involved..

interesting thing about simulators... you start to write code and then you want to test it. doesn't take much to give a visual representation to see what is going on in the code.

I cannot leave this machine. there are piles of parts all around me. I draw schematics on the walls. I write notes on the walls. wires and powersupplys and circuit boards litter the floor. this is where I want to be.

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