Rat's Life: robot programming contest

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(please spread this announcement to any interested party)
This contest is organized by the ICEA project to promote research
results and stimulate further interest in bio-inspired robotics control.
The participation to the contest is open to anyone and free of charge.
Rat's Life is a complete cognitive robotics benchmark that was carefully
designed to be easily reproductible in a research lab with limited
The real setup relies on two e-puck robots, some LEGO bricks while the
simulation setup relies on the Webots robot simulation software. This
benchmark is a survival game where two robots compete against each other
for resources in an unknown maze. Like the rats in cognitive animal
experimentation, the e-puck robots look for feeders which allow them to
live longer than their opponent. Once a feeder is reached by a robot,
the robot draws energy from it and the feeder becomes unavailable for a
while. Hence, the robot has to further explore the maze, searching for
other feeders while remembering the way back to the first ones. This
allows them to be able to refuel easily again and again and hopefully
live longer than their opponent.
The e-puck robots are equipped with several several sensors, including a
camera, 8 distance sensors and a 3D accelerometer. Developing a robot
controller requires basic programming skills in Java language. Different
approaches can be investigated and combined with each other, including
robot control, image processing, landmark based navigation, self
localization and mapping (SLAM), game strategy, autonomy management, AI,
learning, etc.
The contest starts on January 7th, 2007 and terminates on June 30th,
2007. During this period, the contest remains open to new competitors.
Every business day, a contest round is executed so that every competitor
will face at least one opponent and the general ranking is updated
accordingly in the hall of fame. All the matches of a round are
immediatly visible online from the contest web site.
On June 30th, the competitor ranked #1 in the hall of fame will receive
the simulation prize of the Rat's Life contest: a license of the Webots
PRO software (about EUR 2,000). Then, the top 5 competitors ranked #1,
#2, #3, #4 and #5 will be selected for a real world series of 4 rounds.
These 4 rounds will executed with two real e-puck robots roaming a real
LEGO maze. After this series of 4 rounds, the new #1 will be awarded a
real e-puck robot (about EUR 600).
Participation to the Rat's Life contest is totally free of charge and
doesn't require the purchase of any product or service. To enter the
contest, you will have to register on the
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web site,
download and install the demo version of the Webots software, program
your robot controller and submit your code on the contest web site.
Rat's Life:
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ICEA project:
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/ Webots:
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