[KNews] New Koala Extensions

Dear All,
K-Team announces several new extensions for Koala:
* a more precise and smaller pan-tilt: thanks to KoreMotor, you
can add to your Koala or your own robot an important tool for active vision.
* inertial extension turrets, GPS, compass, LCD screen, speech synthetizer,etc...: thanks to KoreBot, you can plug a large variety of robotics devices to your Koala or your own robot.
More information: http://www.k-team.com/news /
Other articles in this edition:
* Linking Behavior Learning and Perceptual Learning
Prof. Verschure et al., from Univ. of Zurich, published results of experiments on Khepera that shed new light on learning. Contrarily to traditionnal approaches that separates behavior learning and perceptual learning, it is shown that perception and behavior can interact synergistically with environment.
Environmentally mediated synergy between perception and behaviour in mobile robots, Paul F. M. J. Verschure, Thomas Voegtlin & Rodney J. Douglas, Abstract, Full text, NATURE (p. 620, October, 9th 2003)
* Judo Simulation Contest Starts
Webots Judo Contest.Cyberbotics organizes a new contest based on Judo game. You can submit robot controllers until May 1st, 2004. The competitor ranked #1 at that time will receive a Hemisson robot and a Webots PRO package. It is recommanded to submit your controller as soon as possible. You can always upload newer versions until May 1st, 2004.
* Release of Webots 4.0
Download and discover the new features of Webots 4.0, professionnal 3D mobile robot simulator: new physics engine, improved usability, multi-tasking API, ability to read camera depth information, offscreen rendering for cameras, Khepera gripper supported, Mac OS X supported.
* Release of Bot-Controller 1.0
Mobosoft released BotController 1.0. You can download a trial version of this 2D robotics controller available for Khepera and Koala under Windows.
With my best regards,
Olivier Carmona
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