[KNEWS] Laser Range Finder for Koala & Amazing Swarm-bots

Dear All,
You will find below recent K-Team news, also available at:
* Laser Range Finder for Koala
K-Team now proposes a Laser Range Finder for Koala robot. Thanks to this tool, Koala can now build dynamic map of its environment, a task usually reserved to larger robot. This Laser Range Finder requires to have KoreBot, K-Team linux-based miniature SBC.
More information: http://www.k-team.com/robots/koala/lrf.html http://www.k-team.com/boards/korebot /
* Swarm-bots, KoreBot at Work ---------------------------
    KoreBot is at the heart of s-bot, a fully autonomous mobile robot capable of performing basic tasks such as autonomous navigation, perception of its surrounding environment, and grasping of objects. A s-bot is also able to communicate with other peer units and physically join either rigidly or flexibly to them, thus forming a swarm-bot. KoreBot provides the required computer power to process omidirectionnal views and sound localization. Swarm-bots is a project sponsored by the European Community, aimed to study new approaches to the design and implementation of self-organizing and self-assembling artifacts. Swarm-bots was recently presented at IROS 2003.
Movies: o An s-bot following humidity gradient while avoiding obstacles using accelerometer information. MPEG, (7.4 MB).      http://swarm-bots.org/dllink.php?id (7&type=movies
o A swarm-bot (consisting in 2 s-bots) joining to go over a gap. MPEG, (2 MB).      http://swarm-bots.org/dllink.php?id (5&type=movies
     o A swarm-bot (consisting in 2 s-bots) climbing up a step MPEG, (1.9 MB).      http://swarm-bots.org/dllink.php?id (8&type=movies
More information: http://www.swarm-bots.org /     
* Evolutionary Robotics Open Soft and Hardware Framework -------------------------------------------------------
Prof. Floreano from EPFL recently launched an open source initiative. The project aims at providing all you need to build a multipurpose Khepera extension turret with a PIC 8-bit microcontroller and its first extension: a 1D visual camera. If you want to participate to the initiative, do not hesitate to follow the link below.
Initiative web page: http://asl.epfl.ch/resources/evo/index.php
* Khepera, a tool for experimentating wireless network -----------------------------------------------------
INSYS recently presented i-Module, a new Bluetooth board. Khepera robot fully demonstrates the capabilities of i-Module thanks to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Meier, at the University of Applied Sciences of Regensburg, which integrated i-Module to remotely control Khepera in C++.
German article: http://www.elektronikpraxis.de/fachartikel/druck/ep_fachartikel_druck_485498.html
* Release of SysQuake 2.5 and LyME 2.6 -------------------------------------
Download and discover the new features of SysQuake 2.5 and LyME 2.6. Both of them now supports integer numbers and arithmetic, and extended numerical differential equation solvers to handle discontinuities and hybrid systems. LyME 2.6 will enable your Palm to solve problems reserved till then to powerful computer.
Full press release: http://www.calerga.com/pr/pr030807.html
Thanks for your attention.
With my best regards,
Olivier Carmona
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