CFP: Special Session on Autonomous Agent Learning

ISIAC 2008
Call for Papers
Special Session on Autonomous Agent Learning
The 7th International Symposium on Intelligent Automation and Control
of the World Automation Congress (WAC 2008)
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28 September - 2 October 2008
Waikoloa, Hawaii
Autonomous Agent Learning methods can improve the performance of
software agents, are important in the development of learning systems
for autonomous robots, and will be essential for the next wave of
realistic artificial opponents in interactive video games. In all of
these cases, learning allows these agents to be adaptive to changes in
their abilities and the environment. This is a challenging research
area of great potential. The special session is intended to bring
together a group of researchers who are interested in autonomous agent
learning. Any research in this area is of interest; some specific
examples may be:
Adaptive Systems
Autonomous Robots
Automatic Code Generation
Behavior-Based Control
Computational Intelligence
Coordinated Control
Distributed Agents
Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary Robotics
Fuzzy Systems
Game Player Control
Intelligent Systems
Machine Learning
Mobile Agents
Multi-Agent Systems
Neural Networks
Real-Time Games
Reinforcement Learning
Robot Learning
Robust Control
Self-Tuning Control
Sensor Fusion
Soft Computing
Software Agents
Stochastic Systems
Video Game Agent Control
Full paper (4 - 6 pages) submissions in PDF should be made at the WAC
2008 website by 31 January 2008. See the Author's Kit
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for format instructions, templates, and
submission procedures. Please also email your submission to Gary
Parker at
Session Organizers
Gary Parker, Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA
Joseph Blumenthal, George Mason University, Washington, DC, USA
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