Autonomous and Rehabilitation Robotics CFP

International Journal of Swarm and Computational Intelligence
Special Issue:
Autonomous and Rehabilitation Robotics
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Call for Papers
Autonomous and Rehabilitation Robotics aims at the development of
novel robotic solutions for unmanned environments and in medical field
for assisted motor therapy.
The Autonomous Robotics will cover the theory and applications of
robotic systems capable of self-sufficiency. It may include papers
that cover performance of actual robots in the real world. Coverage
will include: control problems of autonomous robots, computational
architectures for autonomous systems' control and adaptation, studies
of autonomous robotic terrain mapping, signal processed smart
methodologies, sensor fusion and theory of autonomous systems.
The Rehabilitation Robotics will cover the robot-mediated therapy,
which may emphasize the central role of the patient during the motor
exercise. This poses major technical challenges for the design of safe
and effective robotic platforms. This special issue invites
researchers working on the theoretical, technological and experimental
aspects of design, development, and validation of novel rehabilitation
robotic systems.
=E2=96=B6 Rehabilitation robot in intelligent home environment
=E2=96=B6 Neuro-robotics
=E2=96=B6 Biomechatronics and biomedical robotics
=E2=96=B6 Hapto-surgical/medical systems
=E2=96=B6 Haptic sensors and renderers
=E2=96=B6 Human-computer interaction
=E2=96=B6 Interaction and collaboration between robots, humans and
=E2=96=B6 Tele-haptics and tele-operations
=E2=96=B6 Applications: e-health applications, rehabilitation, haptic
gaming, entertainment, social robotics,
Call for Papers August 15, 2011
Manuscript submission deadline November 15, 2011
First review December 31, 2011
Final review February 15, 2012
Online publication March 2012
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