Call For Book Chapters Springer series: Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality

Call For Book Chapters
Advances in Robotics and Virtual Reality
To be published by Springer =93Intelligent Systems Reference Library
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Editors: Tauseef Gulrez and Aboul-Ella Hassanien
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Deadline for chapter proposal: 29 September, 2010
Scope and Aim of the Book Chapters :This book is an effort to compile
the current advances in robotics for manipulation and virtual reality
as a non-destructive test-bed, and to stimulate a discussion on the
future research directions in these fields. We expect that this book
will succeed in invigorating research interests towards the
development and applications of robotics and virtual reality for
intelligent systems. Robotics may be exploited to assist human beings
in number of ways from farming to avionics, bio-medicine, automotive,
rehabilitation etc. However the non-destructive nature of virtual
reality makes it a prime candidate for the testing of robotic
techniques or train humans towards the operation of robots in a safe
and danger free environment. The goal of this book =93Advances in
Robotics and Virtual Reality=94 is to exchange and stimulate research
ideas to realize advancements in robotic and virtual reality systems
together. Robotics and Virtual Reality are rapidly growing,
interdisciplinary research areas lying at the intersection of computer
science, mechatronics, control systems, electrical and mechanical
engineering. Technologies, algorithms, system architectures, and
applications will be presented and discussed on this book. The call
for book chapters will invite authors of the following field to
contribute their chapters towards this innovative and challenging
book: We encourage participation from a wide range of disciplines
including Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,
Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Human-Computer Interaction, Mobile
Computing and Rehabilitation Robotics.
=B7 Robotics
=B7 Virtual Reality Systems
=B7 Autonomous Navigation
=B7 Brain Remapping Systems
=B7 Rehabilitation Robotics
=B7 Environment Mapping
=B7 Cognitive Robotic Systems
=B7 Adaptive Learning Systems
=B7 Intelligent Shared Control Systems
=B7 Intelligent Graphical User Interfaces
=B7 Dialogue Systems and Affect Learning
=B7 Human Body Sensing and Systems
Submission Guidelines
- Each chapter must be self-contained and not exceed 30 pages,
- Please centralize all tables and figures with appropriate legends,
- Please carefully check for typos inside the text, figures, legends,
- All equations must be numbered and please try to use standard fonts.
- Produce a LaTeX version of your chapter using the template provided
in the Author Guidelines
Researchers and practitioners are kindly invited to send on or before
August 29, 2010 a short email to Tauseef Gulrez ,
containing a preliminary title and a short abstract of their chapter.
This will facilitate the planning of the review process. Full
chapters will be expected by November 28, 2010. All submitted chapters
will be reviewed by at least three reviewers on a double-blind review
Important Dates
Deadline for chapter proposals (title and short
abstract)*: August 29, 2010
Notification of acceptance/rejection of chapter
proposals: Sept 15, 2010
Deadline for full
November 28, 2010
Notification of acceptance/rejection of full
chapters: January 26 , 2011
Deadline for submission of final
chapters: March 1, 2011
Volume Editors
Tauseef Gulrez
Department of Computer Science
Founder, Intelligent Machines & Robotics Research
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
Aboul Ella Hassanien (Abo)
Faculty of Computer and Information,
Information Technology Department,
Cairo University,
5 Ahmed Zewal St., Orman, Giza, Egypt
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Tauseef Gulrez
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