Unmanned Ground and Sea Systems Conference

Unmanned Ground and Sea Systems Conference
April 5-7, 2006 - Washington, DC
April 5, 2006:
0900-0905 Administrative Announcements
0905-0935 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: "Challenges Facing the Unmanned Systems
VICE ADMIRAL (ret) JOE DYER, Executive Vice President and General Manager,
Government and Industrial Robots, iRobot
0935-1005 "Unmanned Systems for Army Infantry Forces"
MR. HARRY LUBIN, Deputy, Live Prototype Experimentation Division, Soldier
Battle Lab, Ft. Benning, GA
1005-1035 "Navy UUV Needs and Initiatives"
CAPTAIN PAUL SIEGRIST, Assistant Program Manager, Director of Undersea
Acquisitions, PMS 403, Program Executive Office - Littoral and Mine Warfare
1035-1055 Coffee Break
1055-1125 "Roles for Unmanned Systems and Robotics in Future Surface
CAPTAIN TONY DROPP, Department Head, Future Ships Branch, and COMMANDER JOE
CHIARAVALOTTI, Section Head, Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), OPNAV N763
1125-1155 "LCS and Unmanned Systems"
DR. NORMAN FRIEDMAN, Editor, World Guide to Naval Systems
1155-1225 "Battlespace Preparation Autonomous Undersea Vehicle (BPAUV)"
MR. FRANK Van MIERLO, President, Bluefin Robotics
1225-130 Lunch Break
130-200 Performance Requirements and Standards for Search and Rescue Robots"
MR. ALBERT WAVERING, Chief, Intelligent Systems Division, National Institute
of Standards and Technology (NIST)
200-230 "UUV-Submarine Force Multiplier"
CAPTAIN DOUGLAS PRINCE, Director, Submarine Weapons and Payloads Branch,
230-300 "A Birds-eye view of the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge Course:
Practical Applications Based on Current Technology."
MR. DAVID BOEHM, Field Test Director, CAP/USAF Auxiliary
300-320 Refreshment Break
320-350 "ART-Based Tetrahedral Robotics for Planetary Exploration"
MR. RICHARD P. WESENBERG presenting for Dr. Steve Curtis, Principle
Investigator, Addressable Reconfigurable Technology (ART) Project, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center
350-420 "A Practical View and Future Look at the Joint Architecture for
Unmanned Systems (JAUS) Standard"
MR. JORGEN PEDERSEN, Chief Executive Officer, RE2 INC
420-450 "Soldier-Robot Teaming"
DR. KERYL COSENZO, Research Psychologist, Human Engineering Directorate,
Army Research Lab
450-520 "A Cognitive Architecture for System of Systems"
MR. ALBERT WAVERING, Chief, Intelligent Systems Division, National Institute
of Standards and Technology (NIST)
April 6, 2006
800-805 Administrative Announcements
805-835 "JAUS and Interoperability in Unmanned Systems"
MR. CARL CARRERA, Chief Engineer,
MR. DAVID HINKES, Autonomous Control Engineer, Advanced Information
Systems, The Boeing Company
835-905 "Future Combat System (FCS) UGVs"
DR. ALAN WALLS, FCS Lead System Integrator and UGV IPT Lead, Science
Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
905-935 "Frontiers in Unmanned Ground Vehicle Sensor Systems"
MR. DAN KOMAROMI, Systems Architect, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
935-1005 "Robotic Swarms"
DR. VIJAY KUMAR, Chair, GRASP Lab of Robotics Research, University of
1005-1025 Coffee Break
1025-1055 "The Gladiator UGV"
MR. JEFF FARBACHER, Program Manager, Gladiator, National Robotics
Engineering Consortium, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)
1055-1125 "Design & Autonomous Control of Multiple Unmanned Vehicles
for Maritime Surveillance"
MR. RON BOSCH, Military Division Manager, and MR. JIM HULL, Marine Systems
Project Manager, Oregon Iron Works; MR. DAVE DUGGAN, Vice President, Geneva
1125-1155 "Special Weapon Observation Reconnaissance Direct
Action System (SWORDS), XM-1154"
Lt. COLONEL (ret) CHARLES DEAN, Program Manager, Advanced Robots,
1155-100 Lunch Break
100-130 "Swarming Architectures and Ground Force Operations"
MR. CHRIS RICKARD, OR Analyst and MR. MIKE TOMLINSON, Senior OR Analyst,
SAIC; MR. PAUL PAGE, Team Lead, Studies and Analysis Division, Future
Warfare Center, Army Space and Missile Defense Command
130-200 "USV and Shipboard Protection"
MR. LARRY DATKO, Northrop Grumman Ocean and Naval Systems Program Manager
200-230 "Advanced AUVs for Unique Missions"
MR. GARY TRIMBLE, Director, Marine Automation and Robotics Engineering,
Lockheed Martin/Perry Technologies
230-250 Refreshment Break
250-320 "Future UUV Power Systems"
Mr. DAVID CHAUDOIR, Manager, Preliminary Engineering, Hamilton Sunstrand -
Sea Systems
320-350 "Networked Autonomous Sea Vehicles"
Director, Sea Grant Program and Doherty Professor of Ocean Science and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
350-420 "USV Platforms"
MR. DON DARLING, President, Sea Robotics
420-450 "COTS Game-Based Operator Interface Unit for UGVs and Payloads"
MR. ED CROW, Head, Systems Operations and Automation Division, Penn State
Applied Research Laboratory
April 7, 2006
8:00-8:05 Administrative Announcements
805-840 "Robotics Systems Program Office Needs and Initiatives"
COLONEL TERRY GRIFFIN, Project Manager, Robotic Systems Joint Program Office
840-915 "Unmanned Vehicles in Naval EOD Operations"
CAPTAIN MARVIN HEINZE, Commander, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Group
One, USN
915-950 "UUVs and USVs - Challenges and Applications"
MR. NICK HAHN, Project Engineer at Commonwealth Technology Inc.
950-1010 Refreshment Break
1010-1045 "Robots for Explosive Ordnance Disposal"
MR. MACK BARBER, President, Remotec
MR. JOEL CRISWELL, Technical Advisor, Remotec
1045-1120 "Robotic Detection of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)"
DR. ANDREW VAUCHER, Chief Scientist, Hi-Energy Technologies
1120-1155 "Robotic Personnel Extraction from Hostile Environments"
DR. PATRICK ROWE, Chief Scientist, Applied Perception, Inc.
1155-1230 "The FCS Armed Robotic Vehicle Program"
MR. GREG PEARLY, Business Development Manager, Armed Robotic Vehicle, BAE
12:30-100 "Mobile Robotics for Crisis Response"
Lt. COLONEL (ret) JOHN BLITCH, Director, Alliance for Robot Assisted Crisis
and Response (ARACAR)
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