Is there a Mabuchi motor distributor?

Was just looking at the products on the Mabuchi web site. As far back
as I can remember, as a kid, any time I took a motorized toy apart, it
had a Mabuchi motor in it. And they have so many sizes, if I could just
get my hands on a few paticular ones.
I was just wondering if anyone new of a distributor that sold alot of
there poducts here in the states (without having to buy like a million
of of one model)...
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--Might try a hobby shop that sells R/C cars; IIRC these motors were favored over all other brands a while ago.
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Yeah I know one of the distributors, but, 1) they only do business with other companies, 2) they do not do business with individuals, 3) they sell wholesale, 4)you have to establish an account with them. Thus it means you need to order a bunch of motors to qualify. They also want you to buy lots of motors on a regular basis, else you lose your account with them. They are great if you want to order 10,000 motors for something though.
For small quantities, you need to deal with a local hobby shop, or a internet store, or one of the surplus stores.Of course taking apart old toys, and old printers is a popular way to get motors too.
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comes to mind if you want "NEW" and small quantities.
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Earl Bollinger

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