MindForth Programming Journal -- 2011 May 3

Tues.3.MAY.2011 -- Encountering the WHO Problem.
In the most recent release of MindForth artificial
intelligence for autonomous robots possessing
free will and personhood, our decision to zero out
post- ReEntry concepts is only tentative. If the
mind-design decision introduces more problems
than it solves, then the decision is reversible.
It was disconcerting to notice that the newest
version of MindForth could no longer answer
who-are-you questions properly, and would
only utter the single word "WHO" as output in
response to the question. We expect the
necessary bugfix to be a simple matter of
tracking down and eliminating some stray
activation on the "WHO" concept-word, but
there is a nagging fear that we may have
made a wrong decision that worsened
MindForth instead of improving it, that delayed
the Singularity instead of hastening it, and that
argues for an AI working group to be nurturing
MindForth instead of a solitary mad scientist.
Tues.3.MAY.2011 -- Debugging the WHO Problem
In the InStantiate mind-module, both WHO and
WHAT are set to zero activation as recognized
input words, under the presumption that such
query words work in a mind by a kind of
self-effacement that lets the information being
sought have a higher activation than the interrogative
pronoun being used to request the information.
Today at first we could not understand why the
setting to zero seemed to be working for WHAT
but not for WHO. Eventually we discovered that
only WHAT and not WHO was being set to zero
in the ReActivate module, with the result that
all instances of the recognized WHO concept
were being activated at a high level in ReActivate.
When we fixed the bug by having both InStantiate
and ReActivate set WHO to zero activation, the AI
Mind began giving much better answers in
response to who-queries. Immediately,
however, other issues popped up, such as
how to make sure that neural inhibition engenders
a whole range of disparate answers if they are
available in the knowledge base (KB), and
whether we still need special variables like
"whoflag" and "whomark". In general, we tolerate
special treatment of words like WHO and WHAT
with the caveat that we expect to do away with
the special treatment when it becomes
obvious that we can dispense with it.
Mentifex (Arthur)
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