MindForth Programming Journal (MFPJ) 2010 August 24

Tues.24.AUG.2010 -- Enhancing Query-Responses
Today in 24aug10A.F we have modified
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that query-answers will state the
"qus" query-subject in the response.
Before the direct-object of the response,
we have put a call to
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that the response may insert "A"
or "THE" before the direct object.
Tues.24.AUG.2010 -- Anticipating EnAdjective
Because of the "seq-skip" work done on
Sat.21.AUG.2010, it becomes possible to
introduce new adjectives by using them
just before a noun already known to the AI.
For instance, if the AI already knows the
word "book" but not the adjective "new",
a user could type in the sentence,
"i have a new book", and the seq-skip
mechanism, detecting "book" as a noun and
as the direct object of "have", could
tentatively parse "new" as an adjective.
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