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Anyone here familiar with the Leaf robot project? I've been playing around with a test installation of the software on a notebook PC running Win XP. Things seem to be working (voice rec & synth, CSLU, and the webcam), however, I'm not sure how to test the vision capabilities. I have installed Mavis and OpenCV according to their installation instructions, but don't know how to actually make it do anything. I can select the webcam at startup and get no errors. Any pointers would be appreciated.

I tried posting the the Leaf Yahoo group several days ago, but my post didn't show up, so I thought I'd try here.



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I'm pretty sure that the Leaf folks hang out on the AdvancedRobotics Yahoo group as well.


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Wayne C. Gramlich

I would find out why you can't post to the Leaf yahoo group.

I assume you registered as a member.

They also post to the SeattleRobotics yahoo group.


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