Industry Journal?

Can anyone help?
My brother has just graduated with a degree in Product Design
Engineering, and he is looking for jobs in this field.
I understand he is very good at CAD, and would like to use CAD in this
industry. This is the reason I have selected this newsgroup to ask. I
am not an engineer (nor a CAD user) and I hope I am talking to the
correct newsgroup.
I wanted to ask, on behalf of my brother, if there is a Journal for
the Product Design Engineering Industry. One that might discuss recent
industry devlopments, highlight prospective employers or advertise
current job vacancies.
Any insights/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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david jackson
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You might want to try a group dedicated to 3D Modeling, or similar. This a general AutoCad group.
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Tell him to move to China. US manufacturing is moving there.
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Get real...
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david jacks> Can anyone help?
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Bill Smith

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