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In the coming months a black spot will pop up everywhere . . .
> on store windows and newspaper boxes, on gas pumps and supermarket
> shelves. Open a magazine or newspaper - it's there. It's on TV.
> It stains the logos and smears the nerve centers of the world's
> biggest, dirtiest corporations.
> This is the mark of the people who don't approve of Bush's plan to
> control the world, who don't want countries "liberated" without UN
> backing, who can't stand anymore neo-con bravado shoved down their > throats.
> This is the mark of the people who want the Kyoto Protocol for the
> environment, who want the International Criminal Court for greater
> justice, who want a world where all nations, including the U.S.A.,
> are free of weapons of mass destruction, and who pledge to take their > country back.
I fail to see how this pertains to autocad in anyway. Although I may
not disagree with you, you should try spreading your propaganda
elsewhere. AS IN, NOT HERE!!!
Dan s.
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Dan S.
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I missed this original post, somehow. Sure is a funny one. This is paragraph is one of the funniest damn things I've read in quite some time. Dan said, it does not belong here. Maybe re-post to alt.comedy
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Surely this belongs in
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Michael O'Neill
Would this big black spot popping up everywhere also be referred to as VANDALISM ?
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Brian Spillane

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