AI Edge Will Bypass Industry Establishment!

"AI Edge Will Bypass Industry Establishment!" posted just now to
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Artificial Intelligence -- not just the Cable Industry --
is another battleground where innovation at the Edge threatens the
entire Industry Establishment, yessiree Bob Frankston right-on bro'.
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Artificial intelligence has been solved at the edges and fringes
of the field and not by the dinosaurs of the AI Establishment.
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The Edge is bypassing the AI Establishment -- just like in the
collapsing free-for-all of the Cable Industry.
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With accusations of kookery at the Edge, the AI Establishment (DFKI
etc.) is fighting back and trying to discredit the Edge of AI,
mais la veriti est en marche, et rien ne l'arretera!
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Artificial intelligence is evolving and multiplying in 'Net-wide
Diaspora from the Edge back into the foundations of the AI Industry.
Join in, or watch from the Edges?
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'ckinell. Like the proverbial bad penny, Usenet Fuckwit #1 is back with his random text generation utility.
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