Ultra high scan speed for Co2 laser beam controls

Ultra high scan speed for Co2 and other laser beam controls Technologically performed of Piezo oscillators or ultra high scan
speeds up to 4,000 Hz or 240,000 rpm with commercial air-bearing motors. Real galvanometer scanner alternatives, precise laser beam deflection up to 4 Kilowatt Co2 by high dynamic performances. From 8 up to 15mm laser beam aperture diameter, advantage beam quality factor M2 less then 0.9 and focus spots down to 60 micron. Absolute diffraction limits, because small focused spot sizes which are proportional inversely of laser beam input diameter.
In other words, larger laser beam apertures will produce smaller focused spot sizes, as especially needed for micro cluster perforation, drilling and other micro machining applications.
Spin actuator with special optical coating, optimized outer shape, low mass material condition, excellent relation of stiffness-to-weight, high hardness, adapted total vibration free vacuum cylinder case, asymmetrically rotary reflection cones from 40 up to 80mm base diameter, average mirror surface roughness lower as 0.1 micron, form accuracy lower 0.01 micron, operation sequences are precise synchronize with material speed.
Envelope curves of the selected perforation pattern are storage and calculated by PLC control before single holes and holes groups supervised during production processes.
Product process advantages enable total different product indicators and milestones against other laser perforation or material treatment processes which allows significant product property, trademark indications, patent claims, unique company features in micro perforation of tipping, cigarette packaging or other paper or material.
E.g. wide range of laser perforation groups as common active ventilation zone to obtain several advances in air stream distributions into cigarette filter, perfect perforation line guiding around cigarette filters or other food, domestic, industry products to assure constant porosity results.
Several pattern or wave line design for different brands, number of holes or pattern with 10 or 20 per cm length are constant, porosity range from 100 up to 1,000 C.U., holes sizes from 60 up to 120 micron, holes densities from 100,000 up to 500,000 holes per second in total. From 1 up 6 perforation pattern, lines, marks or scripts can combines a group, perforation hole, pattern quality or porosity remains in standard levels.
Other web material, substrate or products are treatable in similar processes, existent laser perforation, treatment machines are able to modify with new optical, micro mechanical and control elements.
Low investment and finance budget of technical modifications because exchanges of certain elements, complete devices are adaptable on existent off-line perforation machines or other laser treatment handling systems. Capability to adapt beam divert devices or units at on-line perforation system at cigarette making machines up 12,000cpm.
Outstanding product applications For web or sheet material, metal, isolation, foil, film, plastic, substrate, leather, textile and paper enables now large number of possibilities for micro hole position, different pattern, design, wave, zigzag, cryptograms, scripts, marking, scribing, scratching, tear off lines or others which generates. E.g. optimize air distribution characteristics into cigarette filters, unique anti counterfeit piracy indication and not countable product advantages.
Special remark creates fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarettes or other tobacco, packaging, security products, flip off or hinge-lid packs. Specific indication of brand names to recognizable for everyone and even for product buyers, if micro design, holes, patterns, holograms are to see with magnified views only.
Or sensitive touch able as Braille scripts generated by micro cluster cryptograms or holograms. MLL-1 targets many existent and new applications with high speed scans of laser beam divert in horizontal or vertical position.
Sophisticated ultra high speed spins optical divert elements allows low budget modifications at existent systems and production machines.
Micro-Laser-Line technology means real alternative for high speed galvanometer scanner to archive micro cluster perforation, pattern design, waves, zigzag, packages line, cryptogram, company logo, hologram, anti counterfeit piracy contours for security paper, safety, bank notes, cards, metal sticker, printing, laminating, coating, fruit, food, bread, vegetable, agriculture covering, transparent films, plastic sheets, holographic paper, cigarette, tipping, filter, aluminum foil, shrinkable film, tear tapes, label, cardboard, matrix, marking, scribing, automotive, pharmacy, smoking, chemical or medical products, electronics part, chips, indicators, writing contours or profiles, embossing or holographic.
The patent of devise, process and product properties are pending as DE102004012081.
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