Print inspection at high speed paper webs

Print inspection =E2=80=93 tipping paper =E2=80=93 quad bobbins
Date: 9th December 2010
Patent applied
=E2=80=A2 tipping paper web speed max. 480 m/min =3D 8.000 mm/sec.
=E2=80=A2 printed register field across web : X max. 64 mm
=E2=80=A2 printed register field down web : Y =3D 25 mm
=E2=80=A2 OPSS-1-B scanner speed =E2=80=93 e.g. A =3D 200 mm/sec
=E2=80=A2 camera scanner speed =E2=80=93 e.g. B =3D 600 mm/sec.
=E2=80=A2 position accuracy of OPSS-1-B scanner : +/- 50 =C2=B5m with ASM s=
=E2=80=A2 OPSS-1-B scanning stroke approx. 300 mm
=E2=80=A2 local resolution at printed field =3D 100 =C2=B5m
=E2=80=A2 suggested pixel sensor (double pixel calculation)
=E2=80=A2 X =3D 2*(64 mm/0.1mm) =3D 1280 pixel
=E2=80=A2 Y =3D 2*(25 mm/0.1mm) =3D 640 pixel
maximal capture rate : cap =3D speed/Y-field =3D 8.000 mm/sec/25mm =3D 325
inspect with step 1 bobbin A : (=CE=94t0 --- t1)*cap =3D 0.32s*325capt/sec.=
104 captures while web running
inspect with step 2 bobbin C : (=CE=94t3 --- t2)*cap =3D 0.32s*325capt/sec.=
104 captures while web running
inspect with step 3 bobbin D : (=CE=94t3 --- t4)*cap =3D 0.32s*325capt/sec.=
104 captures while web running
inspect with step 4 bobbin B : (=CE=94t1 --- t2)*cap =3D 0.32s*325capt/sec.=
104 captures while web running
(=CE=94t0 --- t1) =3D (=CE=94t1 --- t2) =3D (=CE=94t2 --- t3) =3D (=CE=94t3=
--- t4)
full OPSS-1-B scan : 2*(=E2=88=91t1, t2, t3, t4) =3D 1280*2=3D 2560 ms =3D =
by (2.56 sec.*8 m/sec) 20.5m printed tipping paper
=E2=88=91 captures : (step1+step2+step3+step4) =3D 4*104 captures =3D 404
Continuous inspect length by bobbin A, B, C, D: speed*
inspecting =3D
8.000mm/sec*0.32sec =3D 2.6 m
Continuous inspected printed length: 2.6 m with 104 captures, each
with 25 mm single printed fields
Sophisticated multi functional permeability sensor systems
Patent pending DE10251610 and patent granted in China 200310104764.
Stationary or scanner systems for speed fabrics or sheet material to
detects very precise and reproduce specified product properties,
natural or micro perforated porosity levels during production.
OPSS-1-A and OPSS-1-B measurement scanner systems are equipped with
multiple IR, NIR, VIS monolithic spectral color sensors, precision
line lasers, CCD image devices, ATMEL, INFINEON sensor internal
controller, firmware, fast serial data link, scanning speeds 20 to 500
mm/s, web widths up to 5,000 mm, measuring gaps from 2.0 to 5.0 mm,
optical inline detection of permeability, porosity, spectral
transmission, opacity, extinction, particle absorption, porosities
ranges 80 to 5,000 C.U. respective from 50 down to 3 Gurley, position
control of micro perforation lines with 0.1 mm accuracy, 0.050 to 200
microns pore diameter by up to 300 pores per cm2.
With real time data determining of certain parameters, optical
transmission, spectral grades, porosity integrals, envelope curves,
internal calculated measuring values.
Thus direct with close loops and feedback to power electronics of
fabrics treatment units. Micro perforation or other treatment system
makes it possible to compensate any changes in web treatment
parameters and their partial locations so that each jumbo roll as well
single, twin or quad bobbin sets can be produced quantity and quality
controlled without intermediate stops in order of ISO9001, ISO9002
Working principle and application
Thus sophisticate, precise, liable, repeat accuracy, easy visualized,
optical online measurement techniques archives perfect ways to control
and convert pneumatic, fluid, gas, jet streams, static permeability,
naturally porous grades, filtration levels, breathable or ventilation
effects. Their conditions can be easily met by using optical
transmission technology thanks to described processing in full online
stationary or scanning control units, extremely small pore dimensions,
high fabric speeds up to 1,000 meters per minute by high repetition
That completely independent from base material properties as
consistency, coloring, density, formation, pin holes, smoothness,
stretching, shrinking, brightness, opacity, spectral property, gauging
thickness weight, moisture content, other known influences.
Optical online OPSS-1 porosity sensor scanning systems for
permeability cluster measurement at electrostatic or laser micro
perforation machines, with multiple color sensor head, spectral
intensity, FPGA, CCD, precise line laser, position, material finger
print detection, VIS wavelength, touch less measure of opacity,
defects, inspection, combines controller internal firm and further PC
process software.
Uses for filter, tipping, cigarette, booklet, packaging, magazine,
newspaper, media, bible, wall, decoration, Kraft, sack, filter, paper,
coffee, tea, food, co-extrusion, foil, film, agriculture, cement,
maize, rise, pet, domestic or other fast moving web material.
IPM International Perforation Management =E5=9B=BD=E9=99=85=E5=B7=A5=E7=A8=
hi-tech engineering, China, Germany, Thailand
Mr. Werner Grosse =E5=A8=81=E5=B0=94=E9=82=A3.=E5=85=8B=E7=BD=97=E7=91=9F=
=E4=BC=A0=E7=9C=9F phone/fax: 0049-3212-5375175
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