50.000 Vss, 100KHz, 10ns - and much more

To archive new nano or micro perforation demands IPM developed power electronics perforation units which working as upward converters with
IGBT, BJT, MOSFETS, FRETFET or HVFET for ultra short power pulses from 10 ns up to 20 s, high current peaks up to 300 Amps, base frequencies up to 200 KHz on plug-in ferrite transformers to generate 50 Kilovolt to each sparking electrode. Patent grant DE10328937 for power electronics.
Online micro perforation - porosity profile Many years ago IPM had developed a multiple online electrostatic micro perforation OESP-1 units at cigarette making machines which was patent applied with EP0460369 and DE4018209.
http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP0460369.html The method and the device for electro-erosive perforation of cigarette paper basically operates with at least two pairs of electrodes which are ignited at the same time in such a manner that each perforation section is treated twice in order to provide a corresponding intensity of perforation, taking into consideration the duration of ignition and the web speed. In particular, the invention operates with at least four pairs of electrodes (I to IV), between which the web (10) of cigarette paper to be perforated is moved through. The cigarette paper is moved in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette to be produced later, the width corresponding to the circumference of the cigarette plus an overlap section for bonding. Perforating is carried out transversely to the direction of movement, that is to say an accurately defined zone section is produced around the circumference of the cigarette. The pairs of electrodes are arranged at a distance which corresponds to half the cigarette length (a, b, c) when four pairs of electrodes are used. The first and the third pair of electrodes are ignited simultaneously. A distance-dependent control causes the second and fourth pair of electrodes also to be ignited simultaneously when the previously perforated sections have traveled the distance of half a cigarette length. Each section is perforated four times, the speed at which the web (10) can be moved being determined not by the spacing (half a cigarette length) of the pairs of electrodes but by the spacing of the pairs of electrodes in each case simultaneously ignited (one cigarette length). This provides for uniform, intensive and very powerful perforation and the cigarette paper treated can be continuously supplied to the cigarette machine for further processing in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette.
Ventilation of mass products Electrostatic perforation has been used since 30 years for ventilation of non filter, RYO or filter cigarettes to create a directed and guided air bypass or Lindstroem principle. For this purpose, cigarette paper for some non filter or RYO cigarettes and almost every kind of filter cigarettes tipping papers are perforated electro statically OFFLINE in zones from 2.0 - 6.0 mm width or in rows with ONLINE or OFFLINE by use of slow, fast flow, sealed-off or SLAB CO2 gas or diode laser in order to reduce the harmful substances such as nicotine and condensate down to allowed values. Another effect is the possibility to control the degree of ventilation of Cigarettes.
That electrostatic micro perforation process enables cigarette or tipping paper while cigarette making processes to reduce nicotine and condensate levels for non-filter and filter cigarettes as well. The OESP-1 devices opens fully new possibilities for cigarette or tipping paper ventilation during cigarette manufacturing by entire perforation cassettes integration into cigarette making machines as Max-S, Protos 80, Protos 90, Mark-9 etc.
Advantages during manufacturing Compact all-over-dimensions, direct mechanical integration of perforation units, easy functional interfacing and full EMI acceptance in order of EN or NEC standards archiving high production efficiencies with controllable ventilation grades on highly automated cigarette making machines. *    Patented, powerful, dual high frequency switching electronics and multiple perforation performances of the circumference of each cigarette enables problem less perforation on high-speed cigarette making machines up to 12.000 cpm *    Porosity ranges from 50 up up to 400 C.U. *    pore densities from 25 up to 300 pores/cm2 *    hole size from 30 up to 80 micron *    cigarette ventilation grades up to 45 % are archive able. *    All necessary perforation, production parameters are stored and controlled by microcomputer operation, i.e. geometrical and synchronized positions of perforation lines, zones etc., pore density, perforation zones width and distributions, perforation profile and porosity ranges for each cigarette brand *    Porosity profiles over the length of each non-filter cigarettes are possible. *    Furthermore single, multiple, different or equal groups of single perforation zones around the circumference of each cigarette for non- filter, RYO even tipping paper for filter cigarettes are possible. *    All stored parameter sets are linked to the PLC system. *    Different micro perforation designs and porosities of each cigarette brand are flexible to define and controllable during all production processes. *    Air ventilation levels are exactly defined and, due to online feedback, can be kept constant by means of perforation system design and porosity distribution. *    For non filter cigarettes for example, perforation can be effected over the entire length and circumference of the cigarette.
Liability and system investment The ESP process OESP-1 has a high liability and is realizable with low investments and low running costs when compared with online macro or micro laser perforation processes. An online porosity control system OPSS-1 monitor continuously the air permeability, called optical online porovision or porosimeter, with a state-of-the-art technology to obtain a close-loop/feed-back to the perforation unit to keep ventilation grades constant.
Conclusion: Online micro perforation processes are possible to use for other mass products and application fields with full system integration in entire production lines as bag, sack, packaging manufacturing etc.
IPM - International Perforation Management - has developed many different kind of laser or electrostatic nano micro treatment and perforation processes especially for new product characteristics. Their devices, systems and machines are in use world-wide.
Actual press release: Micro-perforation of running webs http://www.flexo.de/de/aktuelles.htm 27.02.2008 - Jetzt erschienen: Flexo & Gravure Asia 1-2008 (in Englisch) http://www.flexo.de/download/fga/1-2008/Inhalt_FGA_1_2008.pdf
MLL-1 - Micro Laser Line Perforation for holes pattern, perforation design, e.g. waves, zigzag lines, line packages, cryptograms, company logos, holograms, anti counterfeiting product indicators patent pending for process, device and product property DE102004012081
LPM-1 - nano micro laser perforation at wide web material with high power CO2 dual laser beam multiplexers and splitters, patent grant for process and device DE102004001327
ESP electrostatic nano micro perforation machines for cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug-wrap and other paper products, patent grant for process and device DE10328937 of IGBT power switching unit
Optical online OPSS-1 porovision control/scanning system for ESP or LASER perforation machines, patent pending for process and device DE10251610 - China patent grant 200310104764
IPM - International Perforation Management High-tech engineering - China - Germany - Thailand http://www.microperforation.com http://www.microperforation.com.cn http://www.deguodaguan.com/ipm / http://www.dk3qv.de
http://www.microperforation.com/mll-1-laser-perforation.html http://www.microperforation.com/lpm-1.html http://www.microperforation.com/opss-1-optical-online-porosity.html http://www.microperforation.com/igbt-esp-unit.html http://www.microperforation.com/online-perforation-cigarette.html
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