ignition electrodes for certain production processes

http://www.freepatentsonline.com/EP0460369.html The method and the device for electro-erosive perforation of cigarette paper basically operates with at least two pairs of electrodes which
are ignited at the same time in such a manner that each perforation section is treated twice in order to provide a corresponding intensity of perforation, taking into consideration the duration of ignition and the web speed. In particular, the invention operates with at least four pairs of electrodes (I to IV), between which the web (10) of cigarette paper to be perforated is moved through.
The cigarette paper is moved in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette to be produced later, the width corresponding to the circumference of the cigarette plus an overlap section for bonding. Perforating is carried out transversely to the direction of movement, that is to say an accurately defined zone section is produced around the circumference of the cigarette. The pairs of electrodes are arranged at a distance which corresponds to half the cigarette length (a, b, c) when four pairs of electrodes are used. The first and the third pair of electrodes are ignited simultaneously.
A distance-dependent control causes the second and fourth pair of electrodes also to be ignited simultaneously when the previously perforated sections have traveled the distance of half a cigarette length. Each section is perforated four times, the speed at which the web (10) can be moved being determined not by the spacing (half a cigarette length) of the pairs of electrodes but by the spacing of the pairs of electrodes in each case simultaneously ignited (one cigarette length). This provides for uniform, intensive and very powerful perforation and the cigarette paper treated can be continuously supplied to the cigarette machine for further processing in the longitudinal direction of the cigarette.
To archive that immense ESP demands IPM developed, designed, patent grant new electronic perforation circuits which working as upward converters with IGBT, MOSFET or HVFET for power pulses from 1 up to 15 micro seconds, high current peaks up to 300 Amps, base frequencies up to 200 KHz on ferrite transformers to generate the special high voltage peaks up to 50.000 KVss into the shielded sparking case cassettes.
Smoking is not at all..........
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