Cosmosworks Designer + rivet connectors . Help!

I'm just starting to use "Cosmosworks Designer and I'm having a problem.
When selecting connectors the only options available appear to be bolts.
How can I do an analysis with riveted joints. The rivets have an aluminum
body. They are a "pop type"rivet where the internal steel mandrel is left
inside the rivet when it's installed."
Do I select a bolt that has its characteristics close to the rivet's yield
and shear strength then specify the contact areas under the head and
estimate the contact area under the flared end of the rivet?
I hate to assume the characteristics of the rivet because these items may
in fact be the most highly stressed parts in the assembly.
Dal Wagner
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Dal Wagner
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Get a copy of MMPDS1 (used to be called MIL-HDBK-5). It has the true characteristics of an enourmous number of different kinds of rivets (along with lots of other useful data).
A free version of MIL-HDBK-5 is available on the web here:
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