Thermal Arc 180 AC/DC

Hi Ernie, I wonder if you could oblige by giving me your opinion on the Thermal Arc

180 AC/DC set, here in the UK there isn't a lot of choice in single phase 240 volt sets. There are Migatronic, Sip, Clarke etc but they don't have all the bells and whistles that the Thermal Arc has. Miller and Lincoln cost in UK£ what you pay in dollars. Your thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. Regards. Ben, only 10 miles from your brother Ben in Leicester
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Wow I am surprised by that. I thought you guys were flooded with Italian inverters. Selco, Stel, Fronius, CET, .... the list is very long.

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The Thermal unit is a good machine, and the best deal for the money in the US. Not sure how the prices run in the UK though.

I still think the Miller Dynasty 200DX is better, but mainly that is because of Autoline, which means it can run off anything from 80 - 500 volts single or 3 phase. Nobody else has that feature, and for portable use it is a real deal breaker.

I think the Thermal 185TSW is a good buy for the money. In the US it runs about $1000 less than the Miller, Lincoln (Selco), or HTP (Stel) machines, once you add in all the other stuff you need for those machines.

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Ernie Leimkuhler


I have got one of those. I bought it last year and they are very good. I was unlucky with mine breaking down after only doing about 4 hours (on and off), but the company were very good with their after sales service and fixed it promptly, they even paid all the postage both ways, and offered to send a man out to my place free of charge to fix it if I wanted. They even posted me a spare part later on for me to replace myself a slightly leaky gas valve mine had (this was because I asked them, so I could fix it myself the next day). They are guaranteed for 3 years here in the UK.

So how good is it. It's better than your wildest dreams! Mine seems to be able to weld anything to anything.... copper to steel to stainless to copper, even welds brass or lead, and welding Ali is a piece of cake, any thickness from a drinks can to a car wheel and I have never needed to go higher than 125 amps on anything. In DC stick mode it is very smooth and the rods never get stuck.

What is the going price now for a Thermal Arc 180 AC/DC ? I got mine from the welding warehouse.


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Don't have one of those but I have had a 250 GTSW for about ten years now. No problems and think it's a great machine.


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Ted Edwards

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