Syncrowave 250DX Upgrades and Line Voltage

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on the install of the Pulser and Sequencer into my new Syncrowave 250DX. It took longer to take off the top cover then it did to install the upgrades. Took me a total of about 15 minutes start to finish. A Miller shop told me it would take

2.5hrs at $55/Hr.

Anyway, I have another question. The jumpers on the input board will take 200v, 230v, and 460v. I have what I assume is 230v + 10%. I measured the line voltage and came up with 245v then measured each leg relative to ground and got 123v and 122v. I assume there is a window of + or - 10% on the line voltage is this correct? Will this affect the performance of the machine?

Thanks for every ones help. Now to figure out what all of the buttons and knobs mean and get to work. Thanks, Steve.

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I noticed your post last week, but didn't see any responses...obviously there was and I missed them. I just recently purchased the same setup as you and have the pulser and sequencer on the way...could you please repost the steps you took to install both of these components?


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That's well within normal tolerance. US residential voltages today are

120 and 240, not 115 and 230 as it was 25 years ago. The only effect on the machine is that it may operate a bit more efficiently.


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Gary Coffman

Steve, I am interested in a 250DX and was wondering if you may have found a good source for purchasing, someone that is willing to negotiate? Thanks, Dudley

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