LeBlond Paint Color

Does anyone have the paint code for LeBlond Servoshift lathes? I have a 1964
that has been repainted a non-original color and want to repaint it. The
color under the covers looks to be a more blue gray than the Bridgeport
machine tool gray. I am considering having paint tinted to match the color
under the covers, but it seems a little stained from all the years of oils
and dirt. Also what is the best type of paint to use?
Thanks in advance,
Jeff Borning
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Jeffrey M. Borning
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We were still casting (and painting) old style LeBlond bed parts into the 1990's. The paint we used (and still do) was Sherwin-Williams. Back then many of the paints were polanes. If you contact the Sherwin-Williams inductrial coatings and paint distributor in Cincinnati, and ask for Doug K., he may know the exact color and be able to sell you a gallon.
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I used to work with a guy who said, "You can paint machine tools any color you want as long as it is gray." Randy
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Randy Replogle

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