Brick colored paint

I'm looking for a brick colored paint to paint (using an airbrush)
plastic models of buildings (on a model railroad). None of the Model
Master colors that I've seen seem right. Too red or too glossy. Has
anyone found a good brick-like color to use????
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Floquil's railroad color special oxide red is a very good match. Hub
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Hub & Diane Plott III
I've used Floquil Boxcar Red on a couple of buildings. They had a dark brick colour from that. You can then use a wash of acrylic paint flowed into the mortar lines to bring out more of the detail.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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How about mixing your own color????? (red + gray, red + tan, red + brown, etc...)
Or better yet...*several* colors, in order to give it a *realistic* "multi-hued" look (as opposed to the "let's match the FS paint chips" look).
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Greg Heilers
Look at Polly S. They have lines of military and railroad paints. You might find what you want there.
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Jim Williams
formatting link
PHP952 (Phoenix) Light Red Brick PHP953(Phoenix) Dark Red Brick PHP954 (Phoenix) Engineers Blue Brick PHP955(Phoenix) Roof Slate Blue Grey PHP956 (Phoenix) Terracotta PHP957(Phoenix) Cement Rendering PHP958 (Phoenix) Weathered Concrete
Fill your boots! :-D
I've used 'em all. Highly recommended.
But...! Don't just spray one colour. By all means spray a base colour, but then pick out single bricks in darker and lighter shades. Then drybrush other bricks in darker shades. When all is dry, mix a very thin mixture of Cement Rendering and wash it over the whole building. The mixture will lie in the cracks between the bricks and will provide a convincing representation of a real brick structure.
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Enzo Matrix
A big thanks to everyone who responded to my question about painting bricks. Lots of good ideas and techniques!
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