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Thought I'd save a couple bucks by trying Ceramcoat for painting structures. I tried using the paint straight out of the bottle, but found it a bit too thick. I then tried using several thinned coats, but found that the color of the underlying plastic still bleeds through. (It's light ivory paint on red brick-colored plastic.)

I'll continue experimenting with the degree of thinning by trial-and-error, but thought I'd see if anybody had any other hints or suggestions.


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I've had great success airbrushing Ceramcoat - both with a cheap Badger unit and a more expensive dual action unit. Thin with distilled water or you can use some of the other made-for-purpose mediums that have been discussed on this board. Don't use rubbing alcohol.

Brushing also works, though ivory on red is going to bleed through to some degree with most types of paint.

Good luck Greg

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Greg Forestieri

trial-and-error, but

I use it straight out of the bottlewith no problem.

You ARE trying to do a difficult combination. I might suggest a quick spray of a light grey primer over the red first.



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Try putting down a base coat of gray primer. That will give the Ceramcoat something to grab onto. Thin the paint before brushing it on. George

trial-and-error, but

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