Ebay Auction for Blonde Stripper too funny

You gotta see this one lol
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Joy Flubberson
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Too late, EBay removed it already.
You cannot list LIVE items at EBay.
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Steve Hoskins
"Steve Hoskins" wrote
It wasn't LIVE; it was a dummy. And it really wasn't remotely humorous unless you're one of those moronic 12 year olds from rec.rockets.
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you're one of those moronic 12 year olds from
Hey, those morons might be terrorists...at least the Home Security guys seem to think so...
Black Helicopters NC
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Craig Zeni
My impression was that he wasn't auctioning the stripper - he was auctioning the wardrobe she used in her dancing as part of a bet to get her to quit.
Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"
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Mike Tennent

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