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What's a good method for bending small brass tubing without kinking it?

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Rick Jones
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On Sun, 09 May 2004 17:27:05 -0500, Rick Jones purred:

Slip a close fitting coil spring over the tubing so it extends beyond the area to be bent. Then bend to shape, slide the spring off and there you go. While bending support the inside of the curve and it should be perfect. I have used this trick for years and had few problems.


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If you can filling the tube with something helps.

For larger tube sand or lead is used, you might try soft copper wire in smaller tube.

Anealing the tube will also help in bending, but is will discolor the tube.

Of course if is does not need to be a tube, soild bar stock will work.


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Hudson Leighton

Fill it with sand, bend and remove the sand.

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