Filler for model building seams

I'm looking for a filler for the seams on plastic model buildings (on
an HO model railroad). Very narrow seams, maybe half a mm wide. A bit
too wide for paint to fill them in. I read posts about using
automotive filler, but it sounded like that worked best for bigger
holes and seams. Or would it also work on these narrow ones? Or is
there a good model-shop product to use?
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I use auto body filler for cracks even smaller than that. It is called either spot putty or glazing putty. It is getting harder to find in smaller tubes- fewer do-it-yourselfers these days.
However, I bit the bullet and bought a horrendous sized tube last time. It is a several pound "tube", but it should last me many years (as long as I don't forget to put the cap back on too many times). It cost about twenty bucks, but considering how much stuff you get, it isn't bad per unit.
I apply it with a #11 blade or a very small screwdriver. It dries in about an hour- even less for really small cracks and thin coatings.
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Don Stauffer in Minnesota
Hi, Pick up a current issue of "Fine Scale Modeler" it has a complete article on seam filling in it. This is exactly what you're looking for.
HTH, Mark
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Mark M
I prefer the Bondo automotive "glazing putty" (the red stuff). It is pretty much the same product as Testor's red putty (being made by the same folks). I also thin it down, quite a bit, with Testor's Liquid Cement. Just brush it on, in thin coats. It dries much quicker this way, and there is less shrinkage. So, even though it may require 2-3 of these thin coats, it still works out quicker in the long run.
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Greg Heilers
For very narrow seams, Super Glue (Zap a Gap, et. al.)woks well. Use medium or thick viscosity. After application put a bead of water on your finger and run the water along the seam. Helps it set faster. Don't let it set too long before sanding or it will become harder than the plastic and the plastic will sand away before the glue does.
I don't use the Zap Kicker to quickly cure the super glue as I've had trouble with the Zap Kicker crazing plastic.
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Art Murray

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